RFI Alumni Figure 1 Raises $10MM in Series B Funding Round

Have you ever wondered if your doctor collaborates with other doctors to make sure they have that diagnosis just right? Figure 1, a knowledge-sharing platform for healthcare professionals, makes that practice a lot easier—and it’s paying off.

The company just closed a $10MM USD series B funding round led by Kensington Capital Partners from a number of investors, including Samsung NEXT Ventures, John Hancock/Manulife, Hedgewood, and existing investors Union Square Ventures, Rho Canada Ventures, and Version One Ventures.

“Every morning, we wake up with the goal of democratizing medical knowledge in order to help save lives,” said Gregory Levey, Figure 1’s CEO. “We are thrilled to be partnering with investors who understand why we come to work. Using these resources, the coming years will see Figure 1 integrate new technologies in order to completely transform itself—bolstering the already astounding capabilities of the network. We are just getting started.”

Since their time as one of Ryerson Futures’ first companies four years ago, Figure 1 has become an integral platform for healthcare professionals around the world who are looking to connect and collaborate with others around patient cases. More than two-thirds of US med students use Figure 1, therefore the relatively new platform exemplifies the future of medicine and medical research, which is why investors are eager to jump on board.

“Figure 1 is the largest crowd-sourced medical platform in the world,” said Amit Garg, principal at Samsung NEXT Ventures. “We look for healthtech startups that use software and services to improve all our lives. Figure 1 does that by allowing healthcare professionals everywhere to share and collaborate with each other, leading to better outcomes.”

For more information about Figure 1 and their funding round, check out the Figure 1 website, and Levey’s interview in TechCrunch.

Unsplash: Brandon Morgan